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• The Provider Liability Limitation Act is unique in international terms.

In Japan, the platform providers have an obligation to secure communications and this takes precedence. The platform providers are responsible for determining if the content is unjust before removing it. It is out of line with the concept of notice and take down.

• If a platform provider determines that someone’s rights are obviously infringed on, this platform provider will take necessary measures. So, the platform provider will be responsible for these measures.

Since the platform providers cannot verify the facts of infringement, a system of reliability verification organizations exists. With this system, rights holders can obtain expedited removals and also have substantial responsibility as under the system of notice and take down.

• Only Attorneys and Reliability verification organizations can transmit rights holders` demands for deleting unjust to Platform providers. There is precedent that it is illegal for any other person, company or organization to do it.


• Only rights holders or their attorneys can issue a demand for disclosure of identification information of the sender.