Union des Fabricants Tokyo

Union des Fabricants Tokyo is a rights-holders' association in Japan.
The members include famous fashion brands, sports brands and manufacturers of electrical appliances from France, the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and other countries around the world.

Union des Fabricants Tokyo has its origins in a French association “Union des Fabricants Paris (Unifab Paris)” and it operates autonomously in Japan.

Activities of Union des Fabricants Tokyo

Union des Fabricants Tokyo works to protect security and safety in the market through the protection of the intellectual property rights of its member brands.
It aims to “eliminate counterfeit products” and “prevent acts of trademark infringement” by, for example, providing information on the distribution of counterfeit products to the relevant ministries and enforcement agencies.

With the purpose of maintaining a healthy internet market, Union des Fabricants Tokyo is also active in communicating takedown requests from member rightsholders to platform operators as a “Reliability Verification Organizations” authenticated by Guidelines Relating to Trademark Right of Provider Liability Limitation Act.

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